27 and totally flustered!


I browsed through the themes for a long time to find one that best matches my state of mind and best compliments the emotions that are about to take over this page in the upcoming days. But, I guess, there is no reason why there would be a website design that would be all flustered and has no idea where it is going. Even if it is for free. Or perhaps, especially if it is for free. I had to settle on liquorice – only because my feeling towards liquorice is always in a state of confusion and can go either way, depending on the day. Mostly leaning towards yuck. Or yumm. Not sure.

In general, I am not very fond of complaining or grieving over the mistakes I’ve made in the past, but sometimes f ups can make for very nice stories. And 27 seems to be the age of opportunities to screw up as many things as possible in as many aspects of your life as possible. I didn’t think much of it when a dating website I had joined asked me if I preferred good or interesting things happened to me and I had said interesting. Now I realize that the good things that happen to us are etched in our timeline, where as interesting things are mostly not things you would post on your facebook page and things you would share with only a handful of your friends; and most of these interesting things are likely to be screw ups. So chances are good that you might forget about them. I want to remember mine and with as much detail as possible in the hope that I know not to repeat the same mistake again. Well, really I want to remind myself that if you didn’t risk to do anything crazy, well, then you have no right to complain that your life is not exciting. Excitement and crazy is all around you. Just go for it. This is what my 27 (soon to end) has taught me and I want to remind that to myself over and over again. So then what is all this about being flustered? The more you reach out for opportunities, the more you learn, not only of your strengths, but also of your weakness. Some you can control, most you may not be able to. But you cannot give up!! You keep going regardless and the result is a big mess of disappointments before you hit the jackpot.

I am 27, at the edge of my student life (read: a very real chance that I will soon be jobless), regularly biting more than what I can chew, frequently making a fool out of myself, living life to the fullest I can (which is probably 1 hour a day, but I don’t think you could tell till you looked back at it), finding myself frustrated and confused several times a day, but learning that it is not the end of the world several more times a day and eternally on the project of fixing myself and my life. I hope I can capture some of my memories here so I could look back and have a laugh.


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