Polar Caves, NH

The possibility of a hurricane was a major roadblock to some of our more adventurous plans this weekend. We went to polar caves instead which was quite a treat. 


entrance of polar caves , which apparently have something to do with the polar bears


A giant chair, which I had a difficulty getting on to. One of the passerby who was generous to take this picture decided to lift me up and put me on the chair which gave us all some laughs

A short walk to the caves houses some wildlife native to the area: 

 And finally the caves. There are 9 caves in total which are all quite challenging and not for you if you are not in the best of your health, have week knees, or are pregnant. Some of the caves definitely need some squeezing into and aptly named lemon squeeze, orange crush and fatman’s misery. The lemon squeeze and the Devils turnpike were the most challenging caves but nothing an 8-year old cannot do and certainly a lot of fun!

All in all not a bad way to spend a clouded out Sunday afternoon!


A visit to the Plymouth Plantation

I’ve been living in the USA for over five years now and it’s about time I visited this historical re-enactment of the pilgrims landing at the Cape on the Mayflower and settling in Plymouth. Plymouth Plantation constitutes three sites – the native american’s (Wampanoag) homesite, the pilgrim village and restored Mayflower – 2. Here are some snaps from the plantation as well as some awesome sites at Plymouth.

A visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner museum is one of the most eclectic museums I ever visited. The museum displays gardner’s collection of art from ancient rome, the renaissance period and asia (mainly tapestries) among others. Don’t miss the Rembrandt’s self portrait and Titan’s ‘The Rape of Europa’ if you visit. Unfortunately the museum does not allow photography except for in the gardens and courtyards. A wholesome collection and definitely worth a visit or two.

Province town, cape cod – Independence Day