The art of the brick

Pictures don’t do justice to this fabulous display of painstakingly created art! Check it out if you get a chance!


Ordinary things…

The ordinary things of they everyday life, they are the water that makes up the sea on which sails the ship of life – perhaps drifting aimlessly, or towards an exciting destination. While you wait in anticipation of your extraordinary moment don’t forget to enjoy the ordinary ones.


At the cape


Enjoy the bliss while you can

Never mind that you have to turn around!



Summer night sky

Summer night sky

Blue is in me and around me

Blue are the things I feel that I don’t have the courage to admit

Blue are the thoughts that haven’t taken a shape yet

But are hidden away somewhere, silently simmering and working up a worry

Blue are the questions that I couldn’t ask

Because the answers are too clear and not what I want to hear

And this longing, that is dying down faster than I can keep it up

To see you, hold you, kiss you; that is blue too

But enough of this pointless brooding, I’ve got to face the wind

And get on with it. All the while bleeding blue!


Singing glasses

singing glassesMusic is in everything!


This beautiful world


The love you have today may be lost in time

Your hopes may fade away never to return

Your strength may fail you when you need it most

But the beauty around you is eternal

And the will to be mesmerized is all yours